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How To Manage Life After Rehab Near Freehold

June 21, 2024

Finishing a residential rehab program is an important step toward drug and alcohol use recovery. However, staying substance-free calls for a lifelong commitment. What should you do after you depart the monitored environment of rehab to keep on the best pathway?

You should have an aftercare plan ready to aid you in handling life near Freehold after drug or alcohol rehab. Adhere to your plan -- in addition to these suggestions -- to help you stay sober and work toward your new recovery goals.

Proceed With Outpatient Therapy

Professional support will help you thrive in life after drug or alcohol rehab near Freehold. Your future care plan needs to include outpatient care at a reputable location. You should continue with therapy. Outpatient addiction and mental health facilities have differing levels of care. You might require a program that calls for you to participate in counseling sessions each day in the beginning. As you progress in your recovery, you can move to a more flexible therapy schedule that allows you to continue with your everyday life and come in for counseling less often.

You could also need medication-assisted treatment at this point of recovery. Specific prescriptions can help decrease persistent withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Supervised administration from your medical provider will help you avoid relapse. You might also require medication to handle co-occurring mental health conditions that push you to take substances. Confronting the reasons behind your substance use will give you a better chance for enduring sobriety.

Form A Support Team

Those you associate with also have a direct impact on your ability to stay sober in life after rehab near Freehold. Ideally, you’ve already discussed this during inpatient therapy and recognized individuals who will help with your sobriety and those who won’t. It can be difficult to cut ties with certain acquaintances, but at this moment, you must surround yourself with people who will help you avoid alcohol and drugs. Don’t mingle with any person who will invite or pressure you to resume using. Have a plan in place for turning down their invitations to get together.

Discover ways to reunite with understanding loved ones. It might be challenging at first, but staying substance-free will be worth it. Family counseling can help you reestablish relationships with those closest to you. Area support organizations and online opportunities can help you meet people going through the same thing you are and further bolster your support network.

Find A Supportive Place To Call Home

Your surroundings can have a tremendous influence on your impulse to use addictive substances. On-site rehab protected you from harmful influences and banned access to alcohol and drugs. So, where will you live once you exit rehab? Preferably, you’ll work with your roommates or family to create a sober environment in your current residence so you may feel at peace there. If certain people make that impractical, give thought to residing with other understanding family members or friends for now. You can also talk to the team at your rehab treatment center to locate a sober living location that fits your requirements.

Let Us Help You Manage Life After Rehab In Freehold

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