Our Mission

At The Counseling Center At Freehold, our mission is to provide the means to better your mental health and address the co-occurring disorders that typically coincide with substance and alcohol use. The professionals at our outpatient treatment center in Freehold will help you understand yourself better, learn healthy coping strategies, and ultimately, control substance use by confronting the issues surrounding addiction. Every person who calls us will discover the compassionate, skilled assistance they must have for a lasting recovery.

Patients at The Counseling Center

Why Go To The Counseling Center At Freehold?

For some people, mental struggles or trauma lies at the root of alcohol or drug use disorder. Confronting these fundamental causes provides a better chance of long-lasting recovery. Our skilled substance use clinicians in Freehold employ a wide range of therapies to uncover and address the reasons behind addiction. By undergoing therapy and additional treatments, you'll learn beneficial coping strategies and discover ways to improve your mental health. You can then implement these tactics to maintain a life free of drugs and alcohol.

Depending on your unique needs, you are able to begin one of several programs:

You'll receive individualized services adjusted to you within all of these choices. When you enroll, you’ll complete a thorough evaluation and meet with our staff to decide which type of care would accommodate your recovery goals most effectively. We'll create a path with individual and group therapy to help you manage your substance or alcohol use and move forward in your life.

Our Staff

Rosa Curcia, LCSW, CCS, CCTP
Rosa Curcia, LCSW, CCS, CCTP
Clinical Director
New Jersey native and 20-plus year veteran working in substance use and mental health treatment, Clinical Director Rosa Curcia is a graduate of Rutgers University with a master's in Social Work. Always being empathetic, caring, and seeing how addiction impacts individuals and families, she was drawn to work in the field of recovery. She uses a person-centered approach with clients to meet them where they are in their recovery and help them progress to meet their goals of a healthy, productive, and sober lifestyle.

About Praesum

The Counseling Center is a proud member of the Praesum Healthcare organization. Praesum established its inaugural facility in 2004 as we recognized a necessity for more individualized addiction and mental health care in areas across the Atlantic Coast. We now treat patients with first-rate behavioral health services at dozens of locations covering five states.

Our objective has been to treat substance use disorders with proven processes tailored to the patients and families we serve. We believe we are more equipped to help people attain their recovery goals by staying focused on their specific needs and treating them with dignity. Each kind of facility in our operation is meant for a certain stage of the addiction recovery journey, but despite where you go, you'll find the same high-quality service and compassion that Praesum is known for.

Explore Our Continuum of Care

If you need assistance with drug or alcohol use, The Counseling Center is the premier outpatient treatment center in Freehold. However, our focused therapies are most advantageous once you have completed other levels of care ahead of time, like detox and rehab. If you think you might require substance use treatment prior to or in addition to joining one of our counseling programs, feel free to inquire about our affiliated recovery facilities:

Our Accreditations

You won’t have to be concerned about the level of your addiction treatment. The Counseling Center Freehold is an accredited, reputable behavioral healthcare treatment center. The Joint Commission has given us the Gold Seal of Approval for our commitment to exceptional treatment and healthcare compliance.

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