Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment in Freehold, NJ
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Outpatient Rehab And Behavior Health Services In Freehold

We know that outpatient rehab in Freehold isn’t supposed to be a one-size-fits-all model. That’s why our specialists at The Counseling Center will appraise and assign you to the right form of care in relation to your stage of rehab. Our services for outpatient rehab deal with addiction and mental health disorders and teach you the skills you will need to gain control of your life.

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Discover The Treatment You Need In Our Intensive Outpatient Program In Freehold

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Freehold offers mental health counselling and outpatient substance use rehab in Freehold. IOP is recommended if you don’t need persistent inpatient care but would still benefit from a set schedule of treatment to stay sober. It is a natural next step if you have finished inpatient rehab and want to keep building on what you have already achieved.

Every week in IOP, you’ll go to three sessions of group therapy and a single individual therapy session. These will supply the assistance you need to abstain from substance use while attending to your day-to-day obligations. You will explore substance use, work on your mental health, and then return home to your usual everyday routine. Medication management may also be included in your IOP strategy.

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Work On Co-Occurring Disorders In Our Mental Health Outpatient Program

Our Mental Health Outpatient Program covers an extensive range of therapies in Freehold. This non-residential program includes three group therapy sessions per week and an individualized schedule for one-on-one and family therapy. Sessions are conducted throughout the day so you may still attend to your normal day-to-day family and work commitments.

In this program, you’ll:

  • Learn beneficial coping strategies
  • Gain support from others’ experiences
  • Mend relationships
  • Receive care for mental illnesses
  • Advance toward your recovery objectives
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Minimize Cravings With Medication-Assisted Treatment

Cravings are often a difficult hurdle when you’re trying to avoid relapse. If cravings are getting in the way of your recovery, the expert therapists at The Counseling Center Freehold can provide assistance with Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT). In MAT, you will be given safe medications to minimize cravings and remove the impulse to use drugs or alcohol.

Combined with counseling and proper habits, MAT is able to help many people achieve lasting recovery. Our team performs thorough assessments before recommending this option and customizes the protocol for every person. This is just one way we help you set the foundation for lasting recovery.

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Find Help For Teens In Our Adolescent Outpatient Program

In our outpatient center, we are glad to treat younger patients age 14 and over in our Adolescent Outpatient Program. Teens confront unique challenges when fighting drug or alcohol addiction and mental health. Our skilled providers are well versed in how a lack of emotional regulation and decision-making influence teenagers’ addictions. Getting together in private sessions and within groups, teens and clinicians work on:

  • Developing proper coping skills
  • Detecting and examining drug and alcohol use triggers
  • Developing healthy habits

Ultimately, we hope that our Freehold intensive outpatient therapy allows you to improve your mental health, which as a result boosts the odds of full substance use recovery.

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