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IOP Through The Counseling Center At Freehold

If you’re getting started on your recovery, you may discover it’s best to take an extensive approach to the mental health of drug and alcohol addiction while developing the coping strategies for long-lasting sobriety. The Counseling Center is ready to assist you. Our intensive outpatient program in Freehold supplies evidence-based treatments for drug and alcohol use and co-existing disorders. We help you sustain the advancement of your recovery as you continue your normal routine, without leaving behind your family or job.

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Drug And Alcohol Treatment That Fits Your Schedule

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a treatment option with an accommodating schedule for those in recovery from substance use disorders. Treatment involves different types of therapy, all guided by credentialed counselors. In therapy, you’ll learn the causes and triggers of your disorder and how to boost your mental health for a long-lasting recovery.

While detoxification and residential rehab may be the right initial facets of recovery, they are temporary and cause you to be away from your family, work, and your usual routine. Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Freehold gives you the chance to balance your recovery efforts with your everyday responsibilities and the parts of life that are essential to you. You’ll go to various therapy sessions each week, while still having time for your employment and being able to go home each day. This regimen provides the chance to immediately use the strategies you make in therapy with family and friends in your daily life and steer clear of a relapse.

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Benefits Of IOP

At The Counseling Center, our largest concern is how we can help you handle alcohol and drug use. Our outpatient services are planned to address all sides of substance addiction and help you maintain sobriety. Working with experienced substance use therapists within our modern facility gives you the chance to:

  • Sleep at home each night while undergoing therapy
  • Fulfill responsibilities without taking time off for treatment
  • Get support for the mental health issues of drug or alcohol use
  • Medical-assisted Treatment (MAT) for physical symptoms (if required)
  • Explore underlying mental and behavioral health disorders
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A Personalized Approach To Intensive Outpatient Therapy In Freehold

We know you’ll never find two patients who are exactly the same, so why should their treatment be? At The Counseling Center, we personalize your therapy to make certain it meets your specific needs, challenges, and objectives. To do this, we begin with a thorough evaluation before your first session. We then craft a specialized treatment plan to help you work on your personal triggers and move forward toward sobriety.

To serve all our patients, we utilize several kinds of therapy and treatment. You’ll be led by expert clinicians in group, individual, and family therapy to learn more about:

  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Post-acute Withdrawal Syndrome
  • Preventing relapse
  • How 12-step programs work
  • Co-occurring mental disorders and how they contribute to addiction
  • How to be there for family members during recovery
  • How to manage stress
  • Healthy life skills

Ultimately, we hope that our Freehold intensive outpatient therapy allows you to improve your mental health, which as a result boosts the odds of full substance use recovery.

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